My transformation has begun

It's been a long time since I've had the time to sit down and write a post.  It's unbelievable how much I miss it.  Yet my life is so full and busy and I feel like I'm making big strides towards changing things that needed changing.   I have faith that it will all fall into place in due time.

In late August I made the choice to get seriously fit and healthy.  I've put on some weight over the past year and some of it is because of my health challenges, but I'm determined not to let that be who I am.  I know I can be strong, thin and healthy again.  And if I wait until all of my health related issues are taken care of then I will just have that much further to go to accomplish my dreams of being healthy and looking my best.  So, I decided the time was NOW to start eating healthy and exercising daily.

I was already going to the gym several times a week for strength training and jogging/walking a couple times a week (at most) but I needed to find something that would actually tone my body and start taking off some of the extra weight.  I also needed a healthy meal plan to follow to help break some bad habits I had fallen into.  It's so much easier to stay on track when you have your meals PLANNED.

One weekend Scott and I saw an Insanity commercial and we were ready to make that call and see what would happen.  My sister-in-law, Jessie (a successful Personal Trainer and Nutritionist) suggested I try Focus T25, which is also created by Shaun T, the creator of Insanity.  Knowing that finding more time to exercise was a huge challenge for us, the T25 program made perfect sense.  The Challenge Pack I purchased included the T25 video program, a bag of Shakeology and a healthy meal plan to follow.  And the best part about it was Scott could do the workouts when he was able and I could do mine on my time.

We weighed, measured and photographed ourselves so we could get started on our "transformations".

I promised not to share Scott's before photos here until he is ready.

~  I know...what was I thinking? ~

But in the interest of keeping myself honest and motivated I wanted to share my own photos so you can see what 5 weeks of T25 workouts and clean eating is doing for me.  I still have a long way to go but here are my results after 5 weeks:

Pounds lost to date = 10

Total Inches lost to date = 14!!!

Waist = 4 inches
Chest = 3 inches
Hips = 4 inches
Thighs = 2 inches each side
Arms = 1 inch each side

 My chest and waist are always the first spots to lose weight.  It's when my trouble spots ~ my hips and thighs ~ start going down that I really get excited.  I have a long way to go to reach that amazing transformation stage.  But I'm pretty excited about the strides we've both made in such a short time!  I can see the magic happening in Scott too...his face is looking much slimmer and his stomach has gone down dramatically. Hopefully he'll let me show you before and after shots when we get closer to our goals!  I'll be working on him...

If you are interested in finding out more about how we are changing our lives for the healthier, just message me and I'll answer any questions I can.  I would love to have more people working with us toward the same goals, so if you are interested just let me know.

Here's to becoming healthy, strong and beautiful!


  1. Great job! You can really see a transformation.

    1. Thanks Ashley! It's just a beginning but it feels so good to see the results.

  2. Well done Sherry it's hard but the results are worth it